REAL! Training was created to provide a REAL interactive, hands-on learning experience to our customers — as in YOU are pressing REAL buttons and making it happen —  as we walk you through each step of the process. From this one day workshop, you’ll leave with:

  • an actual open store on Amazon and EBay,
  • a clear understanding of how to navigate through the Amazon System and Seller Dashboard,
  • a list of resources and tools that will assist you in planning your next steps,
  • tips to navigate the often unpredictable environment of online selling
  • your first product added to your online store.

What REAL! Training will NOT do is disguise a “selling event” as real training. We also won’t make promises and guarantees that aren’t fulfilled. This is a class that will arm you with what you need to launch your new business — AND get you up and running in ONE DAY.  We are the REAL deal. Let’s get launching!

Join us at our Free Live Seminar: “Learn How To Launch Your Business Now” where we’ll help you determine if Ecommerce on Amazon and/or eBay is the right fit for you and how our one-day interactive hands-on workshop can get you up and running in no time. Click the button below to register for the seminar. We look forward to meeting you.